Stone bathrooms and showers and subject to many chemicals, soap scum and wear on a daily bases. It is important to clean, restore and protect your stone floors and walls on a periodic bases. Stonepro technicians are considered industry problem solvers and can restore and repair issues and problems such as etched surfaces, efflorescence, soap scum build up, silicon replacement and sealing. Call us today for your stone bathroom restoration.

Restoration & Polishing :

Over a time your stone bathroom floors and walls lose their lustrous shine from ware and chemical cleaners and detergents which slowly damage the stone surface and texture. These chemicals and soap scum create a layer on the stone surfaces which are difficult to clean. Especially marble, limestone and travertine due to their soft calcium based composition require polishing periodically as they become dull and worn out with time.

Stone honing and polishing is the best solution to have the shower walls and floor tiles restored back to their  natural clarity and shine. To clean and polish bathroom stone floor surfaces and walls, we use specialized scrapers and detergents to destroy all excess soap scum and mould from the surface.  We then polish the tile and stone surfaces using diamond abrasives in multiple grits. Our polishing process provides the following benefits:

  • Removal of scratches, etches and dull areas.
  • Return of natural glossy shine and clarity of the stone again
  • The area will be easier to maintain and take care.
  • Sealing will then ensure the longevity of your stone tiles

Sealing :

Sealing your natural stone surfaces of bathrooms is an essential investment to safeguard stone’s appearance and durability. The most important stone surfaces to protect are the shower, vanity, floors and the walls of the bathrooms.  Also, special care must be taken in the use of correct sealer according to the stone type and its properties.   As a result, we work on your natural stone bathroom surfaces with utmost care and safely submit to you by performing efficient sealing methods for the stone to produce its best of its appearance.

The stone surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and restored prior to sealing. As a result, a detailed evaluation could be conducted before any operations are been performed. At Stone Pro Restorations, we seal your bathroom surfaces with a high-grade saturating sealer. This sealer will not affect the natural appearance of the stone and is practically 100% vapor transmittable which will allow the marble or stone surfaces to breathe naturally. To avoid moisture which is damages the bathroom stone easily we use best sealers for the vapors to escape and let the stone give its natural appearance.

Polished Bathrooms