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Marble, Travertine and Limestone kitchen bench tops are absolutely beautiful however due to their soft calcium properties are not overly practical in a kitchen environment and will etch, scratch and become dull from daily substances like fruit juices or alcohol. We provide a full restoration service for any stone bench top on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.


Kitchen bench tops become dull, stained and dirty as acidic materials make fine etches over time.  To restore unattractive scratches, dull stains and etch marks our experts at Stone Pro Restorations employ the latest technology and techniques to restore the natural shine and clarity to your stone bench tops.

Stone Pro Restorations utilises variety of modern techniques with polishing compounds and diamond abrasives to restore an original, smooth and glossy texture to your limestone, marble, granite, terrazzo, and travertine stone bench tops. The first stage, we grind the stone surfaces to restore stains and deep scratches and etches. The next process involves skilled techniques for achieving a natural stone shine with our diamond abrasive grits.

Every stone is chemically different and therefore requires differentiated polishing and honing approaches. Our skilled technicians can also deal with engineered stone bench tops like Caesarstone, Essastone, Smartstone and Corian.

It is essential to always seal your kitchen bench tops after a restoration or polish to ensure the longevity of your stone surface. At Stone Pro Restorations we only use the absolute best solvent based impregnating sealers available on the market.



Stone bench tops might look flawless but unfortunately, they can be damaged and need repairing over a time. Technology has been advancing rapidly with marble and granite bench top repairs. At Stone Pro Restorations we are continually enhancing the quality of the repairs as new techniques, processes and products get updated. Currently we use the latest UV blue light techniques, epoxies and resins to produce some amazing chip and crack repairs. We can repair chips in Caesarstone, Essastone, Corian and all-natural stone bench tops.

  • CHIPPED BENCHTOPS: Chips in bench top edges frequently occur as they are the most distinguished area on the granite bench tops. These can involve huge cost if not repaired over a time as they can become unsafe also. Stone Pro Restorations completes several chipped bench top repairs regularly and as a result the quality of the repairs is most effective whether it be a Marble, Sandstone, Limestone, Travertine, Granite, Caesarstone, Essastone, Smartstone, Corian or any other type of natural stone we can mend the chip and make it a durable repair.
  • CRACKED BENCHTOPS: Kitchen bench tops usually crack in vulnerable spaces of a stone. We discover, mend and prevent the crack’s source. The stone is strengthened after being repaired with effective and durable methods. The crack is also paired with a polish and colour substance to appear as unnoticeable.
  • SCRATCHED BENCHTOPS: Marble, granite, limestone, sandstone and any other type of stone surfaces can scratch and leave marks which will appear as white lines on the surface of the shiny reflected area. These can be quite off putting for visual appearances and are often found on many of the kitchen bench tops we see. These can be easy as well as tricky to remove but Stone Pro Restorations’ solutions can return your kitchen benchtop to its best with quality efforts.
  • STAINING OR ETCHING: All marble, granite, limestone, and other stone bench tops can become stained or etched. It can appear as a ghost water mark or a dirty smeary look. Stone Pro Restorations’ technicians repair etches, stains and scratches within hours.


Marble, limestone, travertine, granite or any other kind of stone bench tops must be sealed to prevent permanent staining on its surfaces. Sealing is an essential investment for the future durability and sustainability of your new or old stone bench tops. Stone Pro Restorations use only the very best quality penetrating sealers on the market. Its important nothing can totally stain proof your stone however sealing will give significant reaction time to wipe up and spills or potential stains. Therefore, we always recommend sealing Limestone, Marble, Travertine and Granite bench tops. We also complete other stone sealing work for our Brisbane and Gold Coast clients.


Experts at Stone Pro Restorations seal your stone bench tops with a high-quality saturating sealer. This sealer will not affect the appearance of the bench top and is practically 100% vapor transferable. As a result, while sealing out the unwanted (water, moisture, oils and other potential stains) it will still allow the stone to maintain its natural look. The sealers we use in our sealing processes absorb much deeper stains and unwanted materials. It is necessary that the correct sealers are used according to the type of stone surface your benchtop is made of so that the sealing lasts longer. Therefore, we create better and durable sealed stone bench tops for you. We also use several different sealers to protect your stone surfaces.

At Stone Pro Restorations we also have powerful sealers for engineered stone benchtops (Quantum Quartz, Ceaserstone, TrendStone, EssaStone, Silestone, Smartstone, Stone Italiana). Scuff marks and smudges can be seen on these stone surfaces easily and they also get etched. Therefore, it is important that these stones must be sealed over a time and also to safeguard these stones from UV exposure which can break engineered stones due to epoxy binders. Our engineered stone sealers also act as a sun blocker, clearing out the UV rays which keeps the stone surfaces safe and durable.