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Marble Polishing and Benchtop Repairs in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Stone Pro Restorations has earnt a reputation for being Brisbane and the Gold Coast’s first-choice for highly effective marble polishing and repairs, as well as a host of other services including stone cleaning and polishing.

Read on to find out more about our stone floor restoration service.

Stone and Marble Floor Cleaning

Stone floor surfaces and tiles need professional deep pore cleaning periodically. The ultra-fine spaces or pores, in the surface of the stone floors trap the dust and grime. We use specialty stone soaps to penetrate into these pores and extract dirt and grime.  The grout is especially porous and captures dust over time which will devalue the appearance of your stone flooring.

Each stone has inherent chemical properties and may present a unique cleaning issue. Our stone and tile cleaning procedure is comprised of various operations to make your natural stone floor surfaces look beautiful once again, and our cleaning processes are also suitable for travertine floors. Our professional team of stone and marble cleaners evaluate the floors and then implement unique cleaning techniques and operations according to the different kinds of natural stone floors. We use a combination of chemicals, abrasion and heat to accomplish this.

Stone and Marble Floor Polishing

Polishing is a final process is stone refinishing and is performed after a restoration grind and hone. We recommend periodic polishing and sealing in our ongoing maintenance plans.

We use Diamond abrasive technology to produce our natural polished finish, this technique requires trade professionals and years of experience to perfect. We can leave your marble, travertine and stone tiles in a matte, satin or gloss finish naturally.

Polished stone floors are unmatched in their beauty, whether you have limestone, marble, travertine, granite or another stone floor surface. Our floor polishing services gives your stone floor a natural long-lasting gloss finish which is more cost effective to maintain. You will be provided with visually alluring appearance, increased clarity, and a crystal-clear shine.

Stone and Marble Floor Restoration - Honing & Grinding

Restoration is the process of diamond grinding or honing refinishing. We use diamond abrasives with our specialty stone machines to effectively grind a layer of stone off of the tile. This totally refinishes your stone and is only recommended when deep damage and etching has occurred.

To refinish your stone tiles there is 7-9 steps needed consisting of a progression in the grit of diamonds used. This is typically from 30 grit – 3000 grit, followed by polishing compounds which will totally restore the clarity and gloss level of the refinished stone tile. On completion of this process, we highly recommend a good quality impregnating sealer applied.

Contact the team at Stone Pro Restorations to organise marble and stone surface cleaning on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane. We also offer stone sealing, bench top polishing and more to our loyal Gold Coast and Brisbane clients, so call today!