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The Best Stone Sealing In Brisbane And On The Gold Coast

All kinds of natural and man-made stone surfaces have some level of porosity which exposes them to unwanted stains ranging from alkaline water, oils, grease and other such substances. At Stone Pro Restorations, by using a high-quality sealer we not only protect your investment, we also do skilled sealing on your stone surfaces to make it’s durable and presents an attractive appearance.

While sealing is essential, choosing the correct sealer according to the type of stone surface is also necessary for proper protection. Different types of stones require distinctive products and processes.  We prepare your stone by thorough cleaning which is essential before the stone is sealed.

We at Stone Pro Restoration’s sealing process provide sealing for all kind of stones like Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Onyx, Granite, Basalt, Bluestone, Sandstone, and Quartzite including sealing for kitchen bench tops or vanities, bathrooms and stone floor surfaces.

High-Quality Quartzite Sealing on the Gold Coast

Quartzite has high degree of porosity and is a kind of stone we recommend getting sealed regularly. The type of professional quartzite sealer we use is specialised for extra porous stones and offers proper protection. Sometimes we also use sealers that enhance colour and texture which are used to highlight the appearance of the stone surfaces.

Keep Your Marble Looking Great With Professional Sealing in Brisbane

A high-quality saturating sealer is used for sealing of marble which is essentially 100% vapour transmittable. As a result, while unwanted liquids are being sealed out, it will continue to let the marble naturally breathe. It is necessary to escape vapours from the moisture content of the stone surfaces to make them highly protected and lavishing.

Limestone Sealing

Honed limestone must be sealed with a saturating sealer of high-quality. Limestone is used to make bench tops, floors, fireplaces, vanities, ornamental pieces, interior and exterior wall cladding and bathrooms. It is suspect to absorbing oil, water and other liquids therefore it must be protected with a powerful sealer. We use professional and the latest off the line products that are uniquely developed to seal limestone.

Sandstone Sealing

Stone Pro Restorations has a specialised sandstone sealing method to properly cover all the elements of the stone getting exposed to. Water is the most damaging element as it can be alkaline for the stone and produce an atmosphere that can destruct the sandstone’s quality. Our process will protect the quality, texture and provide you with natural alluring appearance of your sandstone.

Slate Sealing

Our process for sealing slates involves unique effective sealers that penetrate the surface and produce a natural texture. Our specialised sealers also improve colour, making all the facets of the stone look good, while also letting the slate breathe and stay naturally non-slippery. We provide the best quality penetrating sealer which contributes added protection and durability.

slate floor seal

Travertine and Other Stone Sealing in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast

The team at Stone Pro Restorations are stone sealing experts, which means we can seal any of your stone surfaces. In the case Travertine surfaces, sealing depends on the type of Travertine tiles you have. With honed, sand blasted, bush-hammered, tumbled and polished Travertine tiles all having slightly different sealing needs, it’s best to contact our team to discuss your Travertine sealing needs. 

If you need stone sealing services on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane, contact us today, we’re the stone sealing experts. Our team also offer stone and marble polishing and cleaning, benchtop repairs and more.